Herman Wainggai
The man who never quit

Photo Album

  1. West Papua  Herman Wainggai
    Pre-Interview shot
    Getting ready to tell my story. June, 2016
  2. UN Human Rights
    Outside the UN Headquarter
    Attending the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, 2016
  3. Wainggai
    Summer Week Vacation
    After a long strenuous year, I finally had a week break at Virginia Beach, basking in the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. West Papua
    Me with fellow activists
    A photo of me taken after my release from prison in 2001.
  5. Wainggai
    Jaytee and I
    At Falls Park, McLean, Virginia, 2015
  6. Wainggai
    At the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issue
    Listening to speeches by different leaders and the West Papuan representatives.
  7. Managing Director
    At George Mason University - Fairfax Campus
    After shooting an interview at GMU Fairfax campus, I posed in front of the Mason statue. October 2015.
  8. Managing Director
    UNGA Chamber - 2016
    Attending the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, 2016.
  9. Managing Director
    Abraham Lincoln Memorial
    Photo taken in 2015 while shooting the first part of my documentary. Abraham Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C
  10. Managing Director
    At the Chrysler Museum
    Visiting the Chrysler Museum in downtown Norfolk, Virginia, for the Peace Corp's program.
  11. Managing Director
    Hidden Genocide Documentary
    Main picture of the 'Hidden Genocide' documentary.
  12. Managing Director
    DVD Cover - "West Papua - A journey to Freedom"
    Cover picture of the 'West Papua - A Journey to Freedom' documentary.
  13. Managing Director
    Header picture - A Journey to Freedom
    Picture of me and my late uncle Dr. Thom.
  14. Managing Director
    Snapshot - Free West Papua
    Cover picture of my interview about my trips to New York and Los Angeles.
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