Herman Wainggai
The man who never quit
My Hope for PIF 
I hope you do the right thing! 
Right now, we are still dreaming of our freedom, and looking forward to the day when PIF leaders stand up and say – Enough is Enough! We’ve seen enough, we know what’s going on and we want to see justice.

Indonesia is willing to kill to keep West Papua under its control - isn't that illegal? 

 Why is Indonesia doing this?
West Papua was taken over by Indonesia through the use of “force”, even years before the implementation of the ‘Act of Free Choice’[2] and it remains the main objective of the Indonesian government today. That objective is to arrest as many pro-independence prisoners as possible, torture them, break them down so that they know the consequences of trying to breakaway from Indonesia: Torture, long term imprisonment, and even death are some of the severe consequences political activists and their families face everyday. What was invented during the days of Sukarno and Suharto remained unchanged even when the Indonesian government went through internal shake-ups. Every president after Suharto maintained this military approach toward West Papuan demands for self-determination. 
The paranoia is obvious today. A classic example of this is highlighted on the front cover of my website. The target was young Spanish tourist. He visited Indonesia and transited in Jayapura hoping to cross the border to Papua New Guinea within a day or two. Outside where he was staying, a rally was held, and out of curiosity he decided to explore. Little did he know, he was being watched. As he stopped to speak to protesters, police officers arrested him and he was hauled to the police station where he was interrogated till the next day. When they didn’t find any connection between him and the rally, officers informed him they had turned over all his personal information to police and the media all over West Papua and Indonesia. Wh? Well, the rally was in support of West Papuan membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), and that his presence there raised “red-flags” among Indonesian intelligence officers. When they didn’t find anything to charge him with, they turned to psycologtical warfare just to scare the hell out of him. This is what the Indonesian government and police do to those who are perceived to be threats to its claim of West Papua.
All of these are designed to keep West Papuans at bay. They don’t want to give West Papuan pro-independence movement a chance, knowing that if West Papuans get the opportunity to vote for “self-determination,” it will be their last time occupying our lands. They denied our right to the kinds of freedom enjoyed by our fellow Pacific Islanders – including Australia and New Zealand - for far too long. That freedom cannot be achieved if there's no intervention from the international community. We don't want to fight, we want our vote - we want to exercise our legal rights to vote for our future. 
We are still dreaming of our freedom. I am looking forward to the day when PIF leaders stand up and say – Enough is Enough! We’ve seen enough, and we know what’s going on and demand justice. PIF leaders cannot claim to be the leaders of the free world in our part of this planet while turning a blind eye to the abuses committed by Indonesia simply because Indonesia is financially beneficial to them. PIF leaders need to stand up and push West Papuan case before the United Nation and urge the so-called “Free World” to give us what was denied to us in 1969 – a referendum for self- determination, or the right to determine what our future should look like. The mistakes of the Cold War cannot be allowed to continue because the very countries that fought to free people from communism don't want to do the right thing. 
Our PIF leaders should listen to the Pacific Islands NGOs who are calling for PIF leaders to support  West Papua. They know very well the pain that we are going through right now, and if the PIF leaders are the representatives of their people, they must also listen to those they represent at the PIF. 

Thank you Pacific NGOs for your support! We need you! Time to leave IndoNAZIa.

[2] Act of Free Choice – a sham election where more than a thousand of voters (a fraction of West Papuan population at the time) was rounded by the Indonesian police and coerced to vote for the intergration of Indonesia and West Papua. That election is the reason why Indonesia is in West Papua till today.
It’s been 53 years since the occupation of West Papua. So many things happened during that time. A lot of of stories being told; most of them heart-breaking and extremely painful. Many of these stories remind our people – our children – of the injustices committed against our people in the past, today, and will continue to the future if international community not willing to stand up. 
As someone who grew up in the 70s, lived through 80s, 90s, and now in the 21st century, I’ve heard tons of sad stories, witnessed many heartbreaking events that changed the way I live even today. I heard of past prison experiences from our former leaders – some passed away, others now in old age. I also experienced it. I served time in jail and experienced the evil treatment of our political prisoners. I witnessed these stuff. Now, some young people who come behind me are now in jail, going through the same thing; most of them arrested under false charges. Many people have died and suffered to secure our  “self-determination," and the struggle still raging. We want Indonesia to recognize the fact that we want self-determination as sanctioned by International laws. 
The sad stories keep coming through the Internet and will not stop unless there's intervention from outside. With the age of ‘social media’, these sad heartbreaking stories are now out there for people to read and see. These are not events occurred on a different planet, they took place in our own backyard captured and shared with the world by brave young people with mobile-phones; these are real stories and incidences.
So many parents have lost their children, husbands and wives. Many people have died fighting peacefully for their freedom from the colonial government of Indonesia, and the world is silent; pretending nothing is wrong in Indonesia. Ironically, however, the Democratic world has often pointed to Indonesia a great example of a peaceful Muslim country, but to us, Indonesia is the NAZI regime of the Pacific and Asia. Its military and police have employed the same tactics used by the NAZI regime to exterminate the Jewish people. Every single West Papua is watched and monitored by the Police.
I didn't realize this until we took our boat down to Marauke. Even though we are West Papuans, we were stopped and asked to produce IDs. In one city, we were told to leave the city immediately by police officers. We weren't even free to travel down South without raising eyebrows. This is the country praised by most Democratic states as a "peaceful Muslim country". It is far from that. 
Academics have written about our struggle providing important data about the deaths, abuses, and illegal imprisonment of ordinary West Papuans, but to this day the world pretends nothing is there to see. So much crime committed against our people and no one seemed to ask why. It’s been years since Indonesia banned journalists from visiting West Papua and the reason is - Indonesia doesn’t want reporters in West Papua to tell the world what's going on. They don’t want their mass arrests, execution, and imprisonment of innocent people reported to the world.
Our last hope is for our neighbors – not only the Melanesian leadership but Micronesians and Polynesians as well - to take up the lead. So far, the politics within Melanesia and the free cash from Indonesia hampered our appeal to our Melanesian brothers and sisters in Melanesia, and to this day the leadership of MSG is still in limbo. They simply danced around the issues and often downplayed the urgency of the situation in West Papua. While most within MSG support our people, the most influential governments and economic leaders in Melanesians remained uncertain.
Today, I’m reading what is going on with the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) [1] but I see little progress when its comes to people. We appeal to the PIF back to 2000 and in 2002, but up until now, there’s little tangible support to show from these leaders. We, however, see that there’s a huge support for West Papua within the leadership of the PIF and the people in general. They too want to see something done about West Papua. There’s wide support for West Papua throughout the Pacific Islands; peaceful rallies from Samoa to New Zealand, PNG to the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Tonga. We know our brothers and sisters in the Pacific want something done about our situation, how about you leaders? PIF continues to miss great opportunities to make a difference. The human rights violations continue: more young men were arrested and locked up and innocent families continued to live under perpetual fear of the Indonesian police and military.

[1] Pacific Islands Form (former SPF) consists of independent states in Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia, and observer groups from the Pacific – Australia and NZ, and non-independent states in the Pacific.