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The Unbreakable
Melanesian Arrow

Hidden Genocide

Earlier this year, 2016, two of my documentaries were submitted to the Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival and were selected to play during their show. The "Hidden Genocide" and my first documentary - "West Papua - A Journey to Freedom" were both shown at the event. After that even, I also met leaders from the US and South America, and an organizations from Fiji whose movie also highlighted  "West Papua".
 The 'Unbreakable Melanesian Arrow' is my current “tell-all” documentary in collaboration with the 'IslandBoy Production' team. It is my opportunity to tell my story to the best of my knowledge - from childhood to my years in prison and political activism outside of prison. I also got to talk about my escape from West Papua to Australia in 2006 and the diplomatic fallout that ensued.
The project began in 2015 after our protest in Washington, D.C. and continues to this day. The first part which covers my childhood to my first incarceration in 2000-2001. It was released on December 1, 2015, on the day West Papua raised its flag alongside the flag of the flag of the Netherlands in 1961. 
In this video - above - I talk about my trip to Fiji and how what happened to me during that trip. It is a short clip. The other part will is titled "Escape" which will cover my escape in 2005-2006 to Australia. 
Stay tuned! 

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Hidden Genocide

Hidden Genocide is a short clip by film marker Sam Gollob. The video was selected and shown at the Garifuna Indigenous International Film Festival in Holly Wood, Los Angeles, California. Sam and I were invited to attend and we both did. He spoke about his decision to make the movie and I talked about my experience. I titled my remarks - "From Prison to Holly Wood." It was a moving occasion. We also met with groups from around the world with similar stories.

With the direct of 'Hidden Genocide' - Sam Gollob.
During the screening of our film in Holly Wood, Los Angeles at the Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival - 2016

West Papua - Journey to Freedom by Erin Morris

The Project
'West Papua - A Journey to Freedom' was one of my first documentaries. It was my first time telling my story in front of the video Camera. Filmmaker Erin Morris and her team, approached me while I was in Melbourne of the desire to make a documentary about my story and I accepted it. I wanted to tell my story in movies because I believe would reach a wider audience from the four corners of the planet.

Longing for Merdeka by Melissa McLeary

Melissa McLeary and posing while filming 'Longing for Merdeka", Brisbane, Australia, 2009.
Melissa McLeary's "Longing for Merdeka" - Longing for Freedom from Indonesia - was the first documentary I made in Australia. She attended West Papuan gatherings before, but this time, she meant business. She and her friends came to the West Papuan gathering where I spoke and after I gave my speech, she approached me and talked to me about making a video about my story and I gladly accepted the offer. The documentary was shot mainly in Brisbane, Australia. 
In this video, I reflected on my experience in West Papua and why I ran away and the dangers I face along the way. It also shows me walking the streets and distributing pamphlets to strangers about the history of West Papua and the atrocity committed by the Indonesian military. 
 Jason McLeod, a scholar who specializes in West Papua and Indonesian politics, also participated in this clip in which he explained the strange relationship between Australia and Indonesia and how that relationship is extremely vital to the occupation of West Papua. He suggested that Australia has enabled Indonesia's occupation of West Papua. 
I also shared my faith in God, which is the only thing that kept me going since becoming a political activist at a very young age. Fast and Prayer became an important part of my daily activities. 

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Since 2015, Islandboy Productions has been working hand in hand with Herman Wainggai to bring his unique story to the internetional community through the use of 'Social Media' and the Internet. This month (August) will mark our 1 year working together - writing, recording, editing and publishing his incredible journey to America. Jaytee Studio is a rookie studio located in Southside of Virginia.